Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Attitude Makes Difference....

When It Rains,

All Birds Occupy Shelter,

But Eagle Avoids Rain By Flying Above D Clouds,

Prblem Is Common 2 All.

Bt Attitude Makes Difference.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Fastest Communication....

Only two types of communications are the fastest in the world . ..  

(1) From email to email,


(2) female to female.

Kash pyar padhai ki tarah hota..

Log kehte hain kaash..
Padhai pyar ki tarah hoti,
apne aap ho jati,
Hum kehte hain ki kaash..
Pyar padhai ki tarah hota,
parents maar maar k karwate..

Last Benchers Rocks......

Awesum words by Dr A P J Kalam:

"First bench students are intelligent, until last bench students dont participate in the

Friend & Enemy...

There are only two people, who
can tell u the truth about you.

A friend, who has lost his temper


An enemy, who starts loving you !!

Define & Explain Love..


Define LOVE n explain in detail.    (10 mrks)



A serious disorder of heart due to relatnshp btwn men & women dat cn cause death of 1 or both dpndng on d resistance associated.


1 sided & 2 sided


Usually occurs in teenages but nowdays can be found in any age!





Phone Addiction






ANTI-LOVE therapy by Father/Mother's footwear..

Physics Shayri.......

Focus mein aayi woh pehli bar,
Ishq ka force laga dil pe yaar,
Mirror image hi sahi, 1 baar toh dikh jaye,
Pyar current sa dil mein behne laga,
Main uske magnetic field mein rehne laga.
Dua hai meri usse kabhi collision ho jaye,
Aisa torque lage usse ki woh unstable equilibrium ho jaye.
Pyar ka shock usse bhi lag jaye Aur High kinetic energy se woh mere galey lag jaye,
Warna uranium nucleus sa toot jaunga,
Free falling body sa building se kud jaunga...